Provisioning over Untangle 10

I recently upgraded my firewall from Untangle 9 to Untangle 10. Everything worked fine and dandy when I had Untangle 9.

I have a cloud-hosted FreePBX system and I’m using OSS Endpoint Manager to provision my phones - some Ciscos, some Polycoms, some Grandstreams. I have option 66 set to point to the TFTP server.

On the old Untangle box I setup a bypass rule for TFTP - UDP port 69. I have it set the same on Untangle 10.

But it doesn’t work. My phones get IP addresses from the DHCP server, but they’re not getting the config files from the TFTP server.

Any suggestions? What am I missing?



I’m trying to do the same with my monowall!
Do you have any news?


Hi there. I never got this to work like I wanted it to. I’m not sure what the issue is as it was working ok before.

For the particular project I’m working on, I decided to do an on-site piece of hardware for the FreePBX machine versus a cloud server. This is mostly for security - I know it’s safer behind our firewall. So, I’ve been testing and playing with that.

I intend to see what it will take to get the provisioning to work via FTP instead of TFTP but haven’t done much with that yet.

Sorry I don’t have more for you. Good luck!