Provisioning error

So I’m trying to provision five new D50s with FreePBX and EPM.

I’ve uninstalled ‘digium phones’ as I understand they cannot coexist.

I’ve found ‘End Point Manager’ and created a super basic template for the D50

I’ve run a network scan and found my (at the moment) one plugged in D50

I’ve tried to update it directly using DPM but no dice - nothing happened - so I manually registered the phone against my FreePBX instance and now it’s happily connected, I understand I should be able to use EPM to configure it further?

Do I understand correctly I’d need to have additional network hardware/infrastructure to be able to redirect DHCP to EPM, it’s not something I can do what I’ve currently got? An entry level consumer router and FreePBX itself?

Anyway when I go to ‘extension mapping’ and try to update the phone, I get this:

Trying these at the moment to see if it helps

fwconsole ma upgrade restapps --edge
fwconsole ma upgrade endpoint --edge

Resolved it. Seems to have been a reference to a dodgy reference to XML-API key on a line key. Error isn’t graceful! :wink:

So yeah now I’m just curious whether in order to use EPM I have to first register each phone manually or if there’s a ‘betterer’ way around that?!


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