Provisioning Digium Dial Plan


does anyone have dial plan working for Digium phones from endpoint manager? I’m having some issues getting the device to respect the config and i’m sure it’s something that isn’t necessarily documented anywhere that i’m overlooking. Just as a test I stripped everything to basics and have the following value defined:


With that example I would expect to be able to pickup the handset and dial *97 and hit voicemail however the call won’t send without pressing the send key on the phone. I know with all the S series phones i’ve used in the past I had to enclose the entire string in curly brackets IE: {911|*9x|10xx} so i’m not sure if it’s something simple like that I might be missing and any information would be greatly appreciated.

I haven’t tested, but it looks like you want a T3 at the end of the dial pattern if you want a timer to auto dial.

@lgaetz I did try that as well with no avail, I did notice that if you look in the legend for their example you’ll see that everything without a timer specified is noted as “Dial immediately”, so it appears you only specify a timer for things you want to delay such as US 7 digit dialing.

I don’t see a field to specify the default timeout, so I have a ticket open on that. I’m not sure the wiki page text perfectly accurate. I would not expect the first 2 rules to be treated differently, and yet the text indicates they are. I don’t have time to test this exhaustively, so recommend you open a phone support ticket on this:

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