Provisioning Digium D40 when using a SIP Proxy

I have Digium D40 phones at a company site, they register to an EdgeMarc Proxy/SBC device, that registers to an Asterisk/FreePBX SIP server at a central site with a public IP address. The phones are on a private vlan and the EdgeMarc handles NATing. If I configure the phones via the phones web gui I can get the phones to connect up correctly. If I bypass the EdgeMarc I can get the phones to pickup the settings I entered in FreePBX. I tried setting the provisioning server on the phone to point to the FreePBX server and they will not pickup the settings. 1) Does anyone have any experience using the EdgeMarc? 2) The phones have a setting for downloading a configuration file via HTTP, HTTPS, FTP but I have not found where the config files for each phone extension are stored, Can anyone tell me where the phones config files are stored? Any other suggestions other than pulling out the Edgemarc?

I’m brand new to Asterisk and FreePBX and I did not set this up, I have been asked to fix it.
Asterisk version 1.8.15 - cert2.

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Unless something’s changed recently, you won’t be able to do DPMA provisioning behind Edgewater with Digium phones. You should be able to provision them using XML means instead (endpoint manager), but a configuration change is still required on the Edgewater. See:

We haven’t played with this in a while; usually we advise steering clear.

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Thank you for the reply. I had already made the EdgeMarc change recommended in the article and it helped alot. I can configure the Digium phones via the phones web gui and they work. It is just that these are at a remote location and to get to them I have to setup port forwarding thru the EdgeMarc for each phone or have someone onsite. Also they really like to option of selecting the network and then selecting the extension from a list of configured extensions.

Do you know if any good reference material on configuring with the XML (endpoint manager). As I said in my post I’m just stepped into the Asterisk/FreePBX world and still trying to fumble my way through.

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I don’t. I suspect the FreePBX wiki has something. As to the particulars of the XML configuration for Digium phones, that’s covered on the children of this wiki page: