is down, need tgz files

I’m in the process of setting up a new PBX for our company. We have ordered several phones for vendors to see which we like. I’m unable to load the endpoints config files from the configuration manager. I’ve also tried to get the tgz files from and load them directly but the wiki is down with a database error.

I sent an email to Andrew Nagy several days ago but have not heard a response back. I’m under a time crunch and need to get started on this project. Can any one offer some help in trying to get these files loaded - right now we’ld like to test polycom and yealink.

Any and all help is appreciated. Tks.

(if this is posted to wrong forum, I apologize)

Andrew supports those modules and sites in his spare time for free. If you are using this platform for a paying client/or for you company business, then I would recommend you look at our commercially supported End Point Manager:

Went ahead and purchased the endpoint manager when couldn’t get the OSS to download configs. Long story short, the problem was actually in our SonicWall which was also preventing the unit from registering the deployment so that we could purchase the module. Now I just have to figure out how to use the schmooze EPM.

There is a great tutorial in the wiki