Provision cfg files in for Polycom v v x 310. Followed this site but still not registering

Okay did some resurch as to configuring this phone. The Files are inside the /home/ip500 directory. I can ftp into the ftp directory with a ftp client.

I downloaded Polycom UC Software 5.4.0_RF_release sig and unzipped and placed in /home/ip500. Deleted all the ld files except the 3111-46161-001.ld file that matches the assembly status of the VVX 310.

I followed the instructions in

Modified sip-basic.cfg and reg-basic.cfg 0004F2821BC4.cfg Files

copy of 0004F2821BC4.cfg Files
CONFIG_FILES=“reg-basic.cfg sip-basic.cfg”
All other lines left as default

sip-basic.cfg info is as follows:
reg.1.address ← IP of phone.
reg.1.auth.password ip5003953 ip500 ← using old user/password from old days reg.1.user.label 200
reg.1.user.extension 200
All other lines left as default

voIpProt.server.1.address=“” <–freepbx ip address
All other lines left as default

At this point, I edited the phones configuration:
advanced >admin settings > network configuation > provision server
server address >
server user > ip5003953

Ethernet Menu
DHCP > disabled
IP address >
Subnetmask >

Call Server 1
address >
port > 5060
all other lines default

I was hoping to get some kind of reply to this issue. If you have a Polycom VVX 310 and have configured it to register against the mac.cfg, reg.cfg and sip.cfg, please message me.