Provider is dropping calls after 10s if not answered

Talked to my sip trunking provider today, we were doing a couple call tests.
Extension was on followme so inbound call would come to the PBX and it would send a 100 and a 180 (trying, ringing) and unless the extension was answered no Answer is sent to my provider.

The problem with this is that my provider expects calls to my PBX to be answered in less than 10s and some users are not answering their phones that fast… if the call is not answered in <10s my provider was assuming an issue and failing over to another route and re-initiating another call.

They were able to fix things for me by sending a 183 (in progress) on their end so that it would keep trying until a set timeout, but I am wondering if I should have my system answer immediately like they suggest.

I tried checking the ‘Signal Ringing’ box off under the options in the inbound route, the call is answered automatically by the system and no more ringing tones are sent to the caller so you get dead air until the called party actually picks up.

Any help to get on the standardized track would be helpful. We have sip extensions and then users on followme with cells so hopefully their is a way to be compatible with the cellular side as well.

You can route your inbound calls to an announcement that doesn’t actually say anything (Recording: None), and then on to destination. That will result in all inbound calls being answered instantly, and your FreePBX will generate the ring sounds.

That’s brilliant, thanks.