Provider changing RTP port range

Our provider Vitelity will be changing its RTP port range from 10000-20000 to 16384-36385 on their outbound server where Vitelity is receiving invites from us.
Do I need to adjust for that in Asterisk as well?

I guess would have to at least change the port forwarding range on my firewall, and if I don’t change the RTP port range in Asterisk, wouldn’t that mean that if Vitelity sends an RTP packet to a port higher than 20000 it would be forwarded to the PBX onto a port the server doesn’t expect RTP packets on?

Also, the RTP port specified by Asterisk in the SDP header of an outbound invite could be lower than the lowest port number the provider would be sending RTP packets to, what would happen then?

No, their RTP port range is irrelevant unless you are restricting outbound traffic through your firewall.

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