Protocol 'tftp' is not enabled. Please enable in System Admin module

Distro FreePBX
After module upgrade, I’m getting this error

Protocol ‘tftp’ is not enabled. Please enable in System Admin module

I need to wait a few hour before I can try to fix it. I’m hoping that a fwconsole restart will fix it.

While you’re waiting, check to make sure that the TFTP service is runnable. It’s in inetd or xinetd. Look in the tftpd config file and make sure the protocol is turned on.

I’m unclear on why the System Admin module is involved in the conversation, though, unless the sysadmin module is not managing the tftpd service in inetd. if it is, cool enough.

there is something very strange about the paid epm. i noticed this some time ago and am worried it might simply be an attempt by sangoma to force everyone to buy sysadmin pro.
if you purchase the endpoint manager, you will find that you cannot use FTP as a provisioning protocol in the global template, even if ftp is properly setup and running on the pbx. you have to purchase sysadmin pro to be able to use ftp.

Funny that just happened to me today, but I truly don’t have tftp enabled, so I ignored it. Did yours have a glitchy display to it? Like if you move your mouse around or outside of the browser, does the screen change and make the error screen disappear for a little bit? I just hit the refresh button and was able to continue working in the epm.

Sorry to sound dumb but I don’t know how to check it.
I run service tftpd start or tftp and I get unrecognized service.

What I’m I doing wrong here?

I did pay for the module, but I didn’t renew it.
I had TFTP off and FTP on with a password.

Tony, didn’t you tell me this couldn’t happen?

check the firewall to make sure tftp is an allowed service.
service xinetd status is a good place to start.

but i think it is bad that sangoma will not let you use ftp unless you pay for sysadmin pro

After hours I will disable the firewall 1st to see if the firewall is stopped it.

my service xinetd status is running

look under services in the firewall - one of the services is tftp - what is the setting? and how are you interfaces configured.

Reboot didn’t fix it. Needed to disable firewall do I could access the gui. Then disabled the FTP and enabled TFTP in the epm turned firewall back on and things seem to be working again.

Thanks for the help. I hope no one saw me reboot the pbx at 5pm on a Friday.

Each time something like this happens it makes a hit against of the reliability of the system.

Ita telling you TFTP is not enabled. It could be a bug as we made EPM smarter to verify a service was enabled before we let you pick it lately and I have to admit all of our testing would of been with having sysadmin pro. If you don’t have sysadmin pro I can see this maybe being a problem.

BTW sysadmin pro has no yearly renewal. Ita free for upgrades for 25 years. If you don’t have sysadmin pro purchased EPM should not be checking for TFTP and ftp services if it is then open a bug report.


Thanks for taking the time to read my notes.

I have a paid for version of both sysadminpro and EPM, but EPM needs to be renewed. I think the issues is, I upgraded all, and this upgraded EPM. EPM got mad about the FTP being turned on and turned it off.

I just turned off the firewall, fix EPM not to use FTP and turned fwconsole firewall enable

I think the solution is if the module has a renew icon next to it, remove it from being able to be upgraded until you pay for the update.