Protecting callers data “Caller ID”

Hello Guys.

I would like to know how to protect incoming calls “CallerID” from being seen from the agents that they will pick the calls.

Is it possible to change the caller ID that will appear to the agent to random number and this random number can become an external extension which can be called by agent again?

any help or tips regarding the procedure?

Thanks in advance

The best and most common way is to use the set caller id module to modify the caller id sent to the queue-

Using a random number for that CID for an external callback, I’m not aware of any method for doing that in the GUI. This would likely require some database work and dial plan magic.

Usually, when I see these types of requests, the agents are picking and choosing who they want to talk to. Most likely more of a people management situation, in my opinion, than a technology solution to the issue. Although sometimes, it’s tough to get clients/management to understand that, adding a lot of non-standard complexity can cause some unintended consequences.

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Cool problem. The first part is easy, you can use the Set CID module like Preston says. The second part is the fun bit. You would have to generate a random numeric string on every inbound call, store that string associated with the real CID in a database somewhere, change the CID and send the call to your inbound routes. Then on outbound calls, you need to reverse the process, do a lookup on the random string and redirect the call to the actual number. Technically possible with dialplan using an inbound preprocess context and an outbound hook.

Also something that Sangoma support can assist with if you have budget.

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