Property Management

This is looking promising. For the distro version 10.13.66-21 it works
On the new distro, it’s not. Missing a pendant

Is this software to be forgotten? Whose project is this?

Property management was only released two weeks ago. There should be no missing dependencies and if there are then you need to download and install them. Like cos

That’s strange, I found it on an old box, one running distro FreePBX 'FreePBX13’
it works and I don’t have hotelwakeup installed.

On FreePBX I can’t installed in without the hotelwakeup
Using COS to control the outbound call I guess would be required too.

What about PMS interface? I would like to copy an existing PMS formate like Mitel so when I switch PBX’s out I won’t get a hard time from Fossie support.

It’s not hotelwakeup

It’s just wakeup that it needed.

The wakeup app is now hotelwakeup

Now it will install.

In both 13 and 14 these are the requirements

	<module>voicemail ge 13.0.54</module>
	<module>userman ge</module>
	<module>hotelwakeup ge 13.0.17</module>
	<module>cos ge</module>

cos will soon be made an optional requirement.