Properly configuring a Freepbx install - How to do


I’m looking for ways to improve my Freepbx installation.

We are a small company of 5 persons with 9 phones.

The breakdown is:
2 Sales Person
1 Accounting / Operations
1 Shipping / Warehouse
1 President

3 Phone numbers:
1x Toll Free
2x Local phone numbers

I’d like to configure the system with an IVR that would allow our customers to select:

1- Sales
Press one for Sales person 1, press two for sales person 2, press 3 if you’d like to speak to the first person that becomes available
2- Accounting
3- Shipping
4- Hours of operations
5- Search by name phonebook

I would like to for one local phone number to reach the IVR at the main menu.
I would like the second local phone number as well as the 1-866 number to automatically transfer the inbound call to the correct sales person (if the sales person is on the line, the call should be queued, with the option to leave a message on the sales person’ voicemail, or to reach the ring group that makes all the sales persons ring. If the call originates from an unknown source, the call should reach the queue for the ring group.

We have one of our suppliers that managed to configured their customers that way. It’s brilliant! My sales person don’t even have to know the name of the REP: our phone number is linked directly to his extension.

We would not mind hiring a professional to perform this configuration.


Sangoma would be a good first stop. You might even be able to get Allison to record your greeting…

This requires an integration into your CRM solution or manual entries in the FreePBX contact manager so that FreePBX can lookup things.

When you say “automatically transfer the inbound call to the correct sales person” how would the system know who is the correct sales person? I assume this information is stored somewhere but were is it stored?

Most of the config seems pretty straightforward. It’s just this bit above that might need a bit of work.