Proper zap setup for trunks?

I have a single TDM card with two FXO ports. Both are plugged into standard pstn lines. From the phone company, one line is the main published phone number, the other is a roll-over line. What is the best way to setup this in FreePBX ? As two seperate lines (inbound and outbound routes) or as a single trunk (route?) not sure of the proper names here but you get the idea.

I set them up as individual trunks, Zap/1 and Zap/2, or whatever your channel numbers are. That gives you more flexibility in the dial plan to use them with.

I defined them as Zap/3 and Zap/4. Sorry I was not very clear with my question. Starting with Outbound routes, is it better to define one outbound route and set it to try one channel and then the next? Or is it better to define two Outbound routes, one for each channel?

normal convention is to do outbound in reverse order of inbound. So if you have line 1 which is prmary and line 2 as the roll over you’d normally want the roll over first and only use the primary if the secondary is in use.

I have a similar setup with two pstn lines, however - the first outbound call goes through fine and when someone else tries to make another call while the first one is still active, we get “all circuits are busy” message. I have one Zap/1 trunk, two inbound routes for each DID channel, and one outbound route. What might I be doing wrong? I am a newbie in this. Thanks in advance…

Define an extra trunk for the Zap/2

I would not set up 2 outbound routes for the same match pattern. The second one will never be used. Set up multiple Zap channels in one outbound route. The outbound route will try trunk 1 first and if it fails, trunk 2 and so on. On the other hand, once you match in an outbound route, the server will not try any more routes.