Proper way to use Page Pro to play announcement and hangup

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(Brian Campbell) #1

Running FreePBX Distro 10.13.66-15 with Paging Pro (commercial module enabled) and Paging and Intercom 13.0.25. Overall goal is to have a recording played when a key is pressed on the receptionist phone.
This does work as I created a page group and included extensions in it, but after the recording is played the reception phone is still connected to the page group extension and is broadcasting anything they say. Trying to find out how I can have the receptionist phone dial the page group and have the phone call end once the recording is done playing. I already configured the announcement in the page group to terminate call>hangup after it is done playing but that doesn’t seem to affect it.
I also have a snom PA1 to tie into exiting speaker system so this solution doesn’t need to be a paging group with multiple extensions if there is another way around it. It would seem that if I could play an announcement directly this would end the call, but the only way I have seen to invoke an announcement (with the terminate call included) is to have it tied to an extension or IVR. Would creating an IVR allow the play recording and terminate call I am looking for?

It looks like the same issue (more or less) was posted here Paging Pro announcements not hanging up in Nov 2016



Page Pro - Announcement message and then hang up. Is this possible?
(Tony Lewis - #2

You would need to have the person intiating the page hang up as they are the leader in the conference and it will only hang up the conference once they hang up.

(Brian Campbell) #3

Thanks for the info Tony. As I did more testing with this noticed that dialing device’s speaker/handset is also live and broadcasting anything that is said at the same time that the announcement is played. Is there a way to initiate an announcement in a page group without having the phone “live” until after the announcement has finished playing or is the mechanism always just that of a normal call and answer?



(Brian Campbell) #4

So I did more testing and changed the announcement around from the “page announcement” field to the “announcement” field and it does indeed play the announcement without allowing anyone to speak over it.



(Chris Ariel) #5

Hi there! I am in need of something similar.
You think you could help me developing it?
Waiting on your reply, Regards, Chris.

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(Dave Burgess) #6

It’s developed. He told you how to do it.

(Chris Ariel) #7

Its not quite the same. This is what I need.

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