Proper way to switch phones in endpoint manager

Hello guys,

I have two polycom phones that are provisioned through the endpoint manager. They are communicating just fine with the server.

I have two employees that want to switch phones. They will still have the same extension.

What is the proper way to do this through the endpoint manager without potentially disrupting service for too long?

Should be able to go in, edit both phones in Extension Mapping, then do Save and Rebuild. Downtime should be minimal to just the reboot to apply new template.

Do it at 16:50 on Friday and everyone goes home on time.

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Yes - this is how I thought it should work. I tested it on two phones that are not being used at the moment and it doesn’t work. The phones reboot, but still have the same extensions that they had before switching the phone model and MAC address in the endpoint manager.

try to factory reset and then give it another go. see if it will pull the new template then.

@jadams - Good points.

The phones are the ones that connect to the PBX by extension (the phone requests the extension), so you’ll need to update the config in the phones, then reboot them, and check to see where they connect.

Bricking the phone may be you best option, so drag out the magic button sequence and factory reset those bad boys.