Proper dtmfmode settings

From time to time I have callers who say they cannot get the IVR destination that they want. They will tell me that if they press 3, which is a proper destination, the system says that is not a valid destination or invalid destination or somthing along those lines.

So I have been doing a bunch of reading and get conflicting or confusing information. I think this is the way it should be set.

If it is a zap channel then the dtmfmode should = inband. Most others should be rfc2833.

So in zapata.conf an entery of dtmfmode=inband should be added. Then on IP phones and sip or iax trunks it should be rfc2833. If an anolgue phone is connected to a FXS port then it should in the extensions have dtmfmode set to inband as well.

Is this correct?

It is becoming annoying when my shop forman comes in and says there is a call in park because the user just started pressing buttons till someone would answer.

Thanks rob

For Zap (or now they are starting to call it DAHDI) you are correct (which it defaults to by the way). As for SIP and IAX it all depends on how your provider has it setupon the other end and you have to match it at the trunk level with each provider.

If zap defaults to inband what other things should I look at to get more accurate response to the ivr.

This seems to be an issue in many of our offices. People press an ivr number and get invalid extension or not a valid option or at times get a totaly random extension.

The lines are clear, no static. It’s starting to boggle me.