Proper DHCP option 66 for D Series phones (Not using DPMA)?

When trying to provision sangoma D series phones with DHPC Option66 and EPM (NOT using DPMA) what would the proper entry be on the DHCP Option?

tried these formats:

https://user:[email protected]:1443/
https://user:[email protected]:1443/phones
https://user:[email protected]:1443/CfgUpload

but nothing works.

is using DPMA required for D series phones?

According to Sangoma TS, D series phones must use DMPA if provisioned with EPM

If your question extended to “well how do I point them at DPMA,” then there’s this:

Thanks Malcolm. I’ve long had DPMA with EPM figured out. Just never came up how to connect a D series without DPMA so was wondering if it was possible.

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