Programming keys in Aastra phone

I got the FreePbx system installed and basically working (I can call desk to desk…I haven’t set up the sip trunks for ourbound calling yet).

At the moment I am struggling with programming the keys on the Aastra 6755i phones that we have. I have followed the documentation but I’m still having issues. The EPM gives me places to set the keys and values but I’m not seeing the labels set. It simply says “Cannot Display” when the phone starts up. Any pointers would be appreciated. I looked at the configuration files but they are auto generated by the EPM and if I make any changes…they will be overwritten if/when I make changes.

I’m trying to make things a little easier for my users so they don’t have to remember dial codes to transfer a call or dial a person’s desk.

Thanks in advance for the assistance.

I figured it out. All I needed to do was figure out where the correct key are located. I logged into the phone directly and tested to be sure it worked. Then I set the same thing in the EPM for the phones. All works great.

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