Programming at FreePBX. My last use was asterisk and elastix for a long time. Simple Tips


I see the Official WebSite makes a lot of propaganda, about customized modules.
I use to use Asterisk Laguage. and Asterisk Gateway Interface. I need to create some modules and procedures which those are not used or created at Frepbx. How can I use Asterisk Gateway Interface to use with FreePBX?

Any tips are welcome.

Propaganda. :slight_smile:

Those modules are for folks like yourself who don’t know where to start when it comes to programming custom applications for Asterisk.

If you’re not willing to put up with the capitalist Candian propaganda spewed forth by Sangoma, you can start with their less-capitalist Asterisk wiki:

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thank you billsimon!


How can use Asterisk Gateway interface as Billsimon linked, but at freepbx.
I am not finding documentations for developers at freepbx web site.

Can someone link those intructions?


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