Programatically terminate calls

Is there any way to programmatically terminate a call in progress?

Client has a situation where the nightshift guys with far separated offices will sometimes handsfree one another so they can chat while they work. This is no problem and is in fact encouraged by management because it not only keeps everybody from going insane but it actually does improve their workflow :slight_smile: The issue is when you’ve had a handsfree call going for 9 or 10 hours you are almost guaranteed to forget to terminate it at the end of your shift.

We’d just like to have a script that we can run at shift-change to drop the calls.


rasterisk -x ‘hangup request all’


channel request hangup all

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you can swing both ways here, so both are blunt for your front office users, you might want to filter the callcenter channels

Thanks all, I’ll play around with that and see what I come up with.

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