Program Polycom line key to do in-call blind transfer

I was wondering if there was some way to program a key on a Polycom phone to do an in-call blind transfer to an extension.

Basically I’m trying to set up a key that will send an active call to a parking lot. Our feature code for in-call blind transfer is *3 and our parking lot is 24 so if I set up a key to dial *324, it places the current call on hold, grabs another line and then dials *324 which obviously doesn’t work. Is there some way I can accomplish having a park key instead of having to have my users transfer to the parking lot? Thanks!

I have done this using EFK and macros. I assigned the macro to a soft key but you can also assign it to a hard key. I dont have access to look at the code but I can try later.

Thanks Alan!

Mentioning EFK and macros has got me on the right track I think. I’ll still take any examples you can provide just to be sure I understand what I’m doing though.


Google on Polycom EFK park. The first hit Where the poster mentions banging his head on the wall should be what you need.

Perfect, I think I have it and it wasn’t too bad!

  1. Create a Park macro by adding the following to sip.cfg

action string in this case dials *3, pauses for 1 second ($Cp1$) and then dials 24

  1. Add a contact on the buddy list with a name of Park and an extension of !park (exclamation mark + whatever you set mname to above)

Thanks for the help!

Whoops forgot the code tag so my sip.cfg entry was wiped out :confused:

I needed to add:

to my sip.cfg. That assumes that feature.enhancedFeatureKeys.enabled=“1” is already present in the config somewhere.