Process Management is not installed

Please forgive my lack of knowledge; this is my first post here.

I have just installed the 32-bit version of FreePBX on an old machine which I used some time ago for Asterisk. Everything seems to work so far but there are some module errors. I think the main issue is that the Process Management module is not installed. When I try to install it, I get the following:

Downloading pm2
Installing pm2
Node Package Manager is not installed
Error(s) installing pm2:

Failed to run installation scripts

Updating Hooks…Done
Setting Permissions…Done

There doesn’t seem to be a module called Node Package Manager so I’m stuck.

What should I do? I’m happy to restart the installation from scratch if that’s the best course.


Like PHP and Mysql, node and it’s sister project Node Package Manger (npm) are requirements for FreePBX to run. The npm command is distributed with the nodejs application. I would probably start on the nodejs website to figure out how to get node and npm installed.

My experience suggests that version 10 is a good choice, older and newer ones have been problematic for me.

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Good point. For the record, we run v8.16.0 on the FreePBX Distro.

Thank you for the reply (and for Dicko’s). This is strange - everything I have done so far with FreePBX has worked perfectly. If NPM is essential why does it all work? I will try to install it separately but I suspect that there is something more subtle wrong. Could NPM be running but the module manager thinks that it’s not? In any case, I would have expected a new installation to have included NPM. How could it have been not installed, deleted or disabled?
I’m confused.

Not everything requires node or npm and parts of the system will work completely fine without it. That being said, more and more things are being moved to node so it would be more noticeable now.

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