Problems with Vultr in Toronto

This is not directly related to FreePBX but I know that a lot users in this forum use Vultr.

There seems to be an intermittent issue this morning with our cloud servers hosted in Vultr’s datacenter in Toronto. The trunks (from 2 providers in Montreal) go offline for a few seconds, and phones do the same thing. It looks like a routing issue beetween Montreal and Toronto. The clouded FreePBX themselves have no issue (up and running fine) and our customers who have physical server are not affected at all (trunks never go down).

I am running some MTR to have something to give to Vultr’s support, but it’s very intermittent so I have nothing concrete for now.

Is anyone else having issues ?

Doesn’t look like vultr is aware of anything

Have you been in touch with support?

Yeah I contacted them last week when the issue first occured, but the issue was already gone and all they could do is ask for some MTR reports, which of course were not displaying any issue… I’m searching all over Twitter, Reddit, Downdetector and others to see if there is something going on with an ISP somewhere.

I had a very similar issue with a SJC server.

My original ticket got a stock reply:


Thank you for contacting us!

No, we are unaware of any such network issues during the referenced period of time. Are you still experiencing any issues?

Bryan M.
Systems Administrator

To which I replied

To troubleshoot the problem, I was running tcpdump on the server (a FreePBX installation) 24/7 and also running pings every 2 seconds to (Google DNS) and 71.94.xx.xx (my home). In addition, I was pinging the server from home.

Please see attached .pcap file, unfiltered other than saving only the time range 14:27 to 14:34. When the system was working normally (before and after the trouble) you can see ICMP requests and responses, SIP traffic, DNS lookups, etc.

During the trouble, packets are sent out normally but nothing is received, except ARP and ICMP errors. On the pings from home, there were “time to live exceeded” errors, so this seems very unlikely to be a problem with the server.

I have not seen any of the outages lasting only a few seconds since starting the detailed tracking, but they seem to occur every couple of days and I can update the ticket when one happens.

Let me know if any other info would be useful.


And their reply:


Thanks for your patience. After further investigation, we identified a software bug within our edge infrastructure that caused an outage across our SJC Network around the time you reported. We have been working extensively with our Vendor Support in efforts of resolving the issue permanently. We appreciate your cooperation and let us know if there is anything else we can do to assist you in the future.

Thank you for being a part of


Micah R.
Jr Network Engineer

The problem was quickly corrected.

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Ok thanks ! This means that it might be a Vultr issue in Toronto also. I will get in touch with them.

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