Problems with Time Groups and Time Conditions

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We used to setup an answering machine on specials occasions/days with the Time Groups and Time Conditions but since a few weeks this doesnt work anymore.
When a call has been made externally you wont get the answering machine as before.
When you setup a Time Group and Time conditions you get an error about the FOP server
Could not reload FOP server
"Could not reload the FOP operator panel server using killall -HUP Configuration changes may not be reflected in the panel display.
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Is this error related to time Groups and Conditions?
If so, are there ways to solve this. I’ve read something about changed a user or manager_admin on some directories?

Thanks in advance!

Freek Konings

FOP is the Flash Operator Panel. This is nothing to do with time groups/conditions. I would start off by checking the time on the server to make sure that is correct.

Is there any issue with time groups that are known. Our time groups sometime follows the conditions and sometime does not. The server time is correct. Must all field be set or can I only set time and day?

Which version of FreePBX are you running. I’ve not had specific issues recently with time groups or time conditions (and I’ve used them on various systems from about FreePBX 2.5 onward).

You don’t need to set all fields only the ones that you need (e.g. start time and end time for example).

with time groups if you are not careful. but we have never had any issues with them except ones of our own making. here are a few guidelines that we use

  1. group things logically - I.e. a time group for holidays, another for business hours, etc. - this allows you to more easily see what you are doing
  2. use the fewest number of settings per time group you can - i.e. if your business hours are 8-17 m-f then there is no need to set the months.
  3. be careful of overlapping time conditions - use when necessary but think through what you are doing first to avoid making things overly complex.
  4. pay attention to the times - 8am to 5pm is set as 8:00 to 17:00.
  5. use the fewest number of time groups possible.

Has anyone had an issue with the start and finish times in time group? Our server time is correct. Time on the telephones is correct but the start and finish times are off by 4 hours??? Thank you for your comments.

Check your php.ini for that.