Problems with TDM400P Card

I have a New FreePBX install which has a B410P ISDN card and a TDM400P Digium card with 2 fxo ports and 2 fxs ports.

The problem i am having is that when i reboot the PC, asterisk fails to start and on further diagnosis I find that the lights on the TDM400P Card are not lit. I have to issue a :-

modprobe wctdm opermode=AUSTRALIA fxshonormode=TRUE boostringer=1

command and then the card is detected, the lights come on and Asterisk starts. Reboot the PC and the same thing happens. The ISDN card is working perfectly but not the TDM400P Wildcard.

How can i make it so this card is automatically detected at bootup??

I am using Zaptel 1.2.12 Drivers.


Many time what you are seeing is a IRQ issue.

in the bios turn off ser / lpt / sound make sure bios set to non-plug n play or other (linux would be better but most do not have option)

One thing to look for is you can use the primary PCI slot on most mother boards for the cards (primary PCI is a “video slot” on 90 % of all MB on the market)

genzaptelconf ???