Problems with SIP from host with 2 different IP's

We are using Iristel for a trunk. The host that sends the SIP calls to our freepbx is which resolves to and

we tried both the following

When Chan_Sip Peers shows the iristel trunk as I get Log(“SIP/”, "WARNING,“Rejecting unknown SIP connection from"”) in new stack which makes sense.

How can I get it to use both IP’s in the same trunk??? From the research that I have been doing host= should work.

Well I don’t experience with your provider however just looks like two separate sip servers to me. I would create a separate trunk in FreePBX for each with my provider.


host = dynamic|hostname|IPAddr

So Hostname should work.

Make sure that your DNS server is configured correctly (try pinging from the server itself and see it resolves).

Regarding the inbound call… frankb is right regarding the suggested workaround… creating 2 Trunks will do the trick.

I use a provider that has two servers, primary and backup, both both are active. I’ve setup two trunks and it works well.

It’s not a workaround - it is absolutely the correct way to solve the problem. Think about it - it is set up for host authentication and the only way for host authentication to work is for the host to be identified.