Problems with Sangoma P325 & P330

Users are complaining that the Sangoma phones we are using are experiencing volume fluctuation & crackling phone line problems. To rule out a network issue, I have connected a Polycom phone in place of the Sangoma, and the crackling/volume issues are gone.

Is there a setting I need to change on the Sangoma phone(s) to fix this problem, or do I have faulty phones?

FreePBX 16.0.33
Sangoma P330
Codecs: ulaw, alaw

What firmware version are you running on these phones?

I just realized some of the phones are P325, but the issue persists across both models.

for the P325 the firmware version is 4_7_1

Not saying that this will address your specific issues but I would start with getting the phones (or a subset to test first) to the latest firmware, which is at 4.11.4 currently.

We’ve had problems with past Sangoma models having poor quality handset cables. We’ve had better luck with P330’s so far, but anything is possible.

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