Problems with receiving fax to email


i’m stuck with fax to email configuration. From the logs record:

i can see, that incoming fax is detected. But for some reason asterisk fails to receive it. From this error WARNING[32507] res_rtp_asterisk.c: RTP Read too short i thought that the issue was quality of connection and timeouts so i’ve increased rtptimeout from 30 to 60. That did not helped.

I’m using freepbx distro. One zonetel trunk. One inbound route. Two SIP extentions. Inbound calls, internal calls and everything else works.

So where can be a problem?

Fax over SIP will never work if you don’t have an impeccable network connection and an impeccable vsp to onward forward g711 faxes, you apparently don’t so you are probably SOL, if your VSP supports t38 maybe, install a license and see.

I was afraid that its problem with connection.

Thank you for information.