Problems with persistentmembers configuration


I’m trying to figure out where on FreePBX I can set the persistentmembers parameter.

I need to set it persistentmembers=no

I do this on queues_general_additional.conf, but every time that I change something on FreePBX and Apply Config, this file is overwritten.

If someone could give me some direction, I’ll appreciate.



What version of FBX you using?

In 2.10, its set in the advanced module, see queues module.

Older FBX you can set this in amportal.conf

thanks for your reply.

But looking on Advanced Settings, Queue Module, I just have this options:

Set Agent Name in CDR dstchannel? True False
Use MixMonitor for Recordings? True False
Hide Queue No Answer Option? True False
Asterisk Queues Patch 15168 Installed? True False
Generate queuenum*/** Login/off Codes?

turn on those settings on top such as readonly,override and hidden

Ok, I found it.

Thank you very much. Best regards.