Problems with outgoing calls on cisco 7941

I have a freepbx PBX with a cisco 2811 as a voice gateway . I have also several cisco 7961. With incoming phone calls between internal works perfectly . Likewise with incoming calls . When I make an outgoing call to the CISCO2811 , the person who hears my name is perfect but I hear gasps. It gives every impression of being VAD problem but this desabilitado in the cisco 2811 , both in port and dial- peer and phones .
I need help please

@phontakly What type of Internet connection do you have? This is sounding like a network and/or Internet connection issue. Also note that last I checked Asterisk doesn’t support VAD.

the 2811 have a 4 fxo port card. The incomming call work perfectly. outgoing Call , i hear clipping. I disable vad in 7940 and 2811.
the call does not go through the Internet point but by the FXO card