Problems with Inbound calls on Freepbx Stable-6.12.65

Hi All,

I’ve got a working configuration that does work perfectly with version 2.11.0 but doesn’t work with version 6.
I can’t manage to make it work inbound.

Are you aware of which changes have been made for the Inbound configuration?
It worked fine using the default contexts from-internal and from-trunk.

From the Asterisk CLI I receive this message calling the trunk in question:
"[2015-02-12 10:00:38] NOTICE[1823][C-00000017]: chan_sip.c:25662 handle_request_invite: Call from ‘afagsbcjhdsjsj’ to extension ‘441234567890’ rejected because extension not found in context ‘from­-trunk’

Is there any trick I can apply in order to make it work now?

Thank you very much for your help