Problems with IAXY and Sip behind D-Link Router & pfsens


I have set up a few trixboxs and from time to time I have problems with IAX and SIP getting through router properly.

In case of D-Link routers, it seems that it send IAX and also out through port numbers other than the standard ones. IAXY is able to dial in to trixbox can make calls but trixbox does not seem to be able to call IAXY. No Blue light. I know this IAXY works as I have used it from several remote locations.

D-Link seems to send call out over ports in the 60000 to 70000 range. Try as I have, I have not been able to find a way on the D-link to stop this. Can anyone provide any suggestions?

In fact, I am having the same problem with pfsense but in this case I have only been able to test with Linksys spa3102. I could not find a solution so I have returned to “old reliable” IPCop routers.

Any help would be appreciated.


yup dlink does not care… alot of there firmwares like most cheepo routers just plain can not handle much of anything… and

My rule of thumb is if you have configured successfully port forwarding on numerous routers and are unable to do a simple forward after numerous resets and numerous pulling of the power heck possibly a few firmware changes… the router should be sold to someone who does basic email and web browsing cause its garbage

I noticed that since using the open source router firmwares openwrt and some other wrt54gs thirdparty firmwares I have noticed a huge difference in performance and realiability… nice to know a simple forward is as simple as forwarding the ports… done

dlink has had issues with there time servers… (killing off some countrys time server) and have attempted to enter the open source firmware market with there own thing…

but I believe strongly that until manufacturers start concentrating on building a product (hardware and selling and marketing it) instead of wasting there efforts on trying to monopolize on the firmware market.

alot of manufacturers own shares in the firmware sub contracted companies that make the firmwares… the beatings will continue till morel improves

Thats my 2 cents