Problems with FreePBX 12 alpha "File Integrity failed"

I installed the ISO, ran yum update and logged in to the web interface. Everything looks fine (except for the warnings of course). But when I try to update any module I get an error message. Example below. Current version of freepbx is freepbx-12.0.1alpha54-21 . ISO that I downloaded and used are the latest, or FreePBX-6.12.65-11-x86_64-Full-1401908526.iso

I do understand that this is an alpha so I don’t really expect any help I only want you to be aware of the problem.

This is an example of the error message. The error is the same regardless of which module I install.

Please wait while module actions are performed

Downloading and Installing blacklist
Downloading blacklist 25564 of 25564 (100%)
Found module locally, verifying...Redownloading
Error(s) downloading blacklist:
File Integrity failed for /var/www/html/admin/modules/_cache/blacklist- - aborting (gpg check failed)

There is no easy quick fix for this. You need to reinstall the whole ISO.

Just wait on the Alpha ISO tell later tonight. We are doing a new release that will be marked as Beta not Alpha and this plus alot of other issues are fixed.

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Hi Tony, is it the actual FreePBX Distro 6.12.65-12 (64 bit ISO of June, 15th) or will be a new one? I’m curious enough to try it too once available the Beta…

The one you have linked to is actually a broken one.

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I see.

Sorry to continue to point out about Alpha download links (if somebody think it’s OT here please move it elsewhere…I don’t know how to split my reply to another new topic)…but I think it’s important to clarify some aspects moreover considering that the Beta release date is near.

Today the FreePBX Distro download page here reports FreePBX Distro 6.12.65-12 (Alpha) availability (June, 18th) and also shows that FreePBX Distro 6.12.65-12 (32/64 bit)'s download links point respectively to two ISOs (uploaded June, 19th):

But, still today, the latest available ISO Builds found (uploaded June, 19th too) are respectively:

So provided download links point to no ISO file, actually.

Download Mirrors seem to show the same content (even if this doesn’t mean that that content is synchronized with your latest ISO Builds).

A question rise up: how the numeric code of ISO Build (e.g.: 1403149987) is built and how it should be read (meaning)?

I mean, looking at two different ISO names like:


What can I say about those ISOs (without knowing nothing about their release dates) looking at those numerical codes? Is the second ISO Build newer than the first one just because 1403149987>1403147222?

Sorry we kept making new builds to get things fixed. 20 builds yesterday alone.

Anyways I have updated the download site with the actual release of 6.12.65-12.

I expect a -13 in the next day or 2 to include the new User Control Panel which is literally a day or 2 away from being released for FreePBX 12.

To answer your question the numbers after the version is the unix timestamp of when it was made.

No worries, I just posted to inform you about the FreePBX Download page broken links and because I was also very courios about ISOs building frequency.

So, if that numerical code is a UNIX Timestamp of the ISO Built, a simple command like date could be used to understand how old are those ISOs: date -d @1403149987 -R will give a ISO Build Date of Thu, 19 Jun 2014 05:53:07 +0200 while date -d @1403147222 -R shows that the other ISO was just built slightly before, on Thu, 19 Jun 2014 05:07:02 +0200. Interesting.

If we’re too lazy to open a Termina here an online UNIX Timestamp Calculator!

Thanks Tony!

Yup they were not support to be posted on the download page yet. Seems the web dev got in front of me. Anyways just finishing the first OFFICIAL FreePBX 12 BETA release as we speak