Problems with chan_sip pausing?

We’re having a kind of strange issue on a newly installed FreePBX distro, version 5.211.65-6. This is running on a supermicro atom server on our network.

When a call comes in it’s supposed to go to a ring group then to an IVR if there’s no answer.

What’s happening is randomly calls go straight to the IVR, trying to dial an extension directly gives voicemail. There’s no messages in the asterisk cli during this time. Sip reload doesn’t seem to get it to work but module reload does seem to.

I tried to avoid the dnsmgr lookups since I’ve seen weird hangs if it can’t contact dns servers years ago. I’m using two trunks both connecting by IP and disabled qualify on them. This has just started happening in the last day and I can’t think of any changes we’ve made that may cause it.

The endpoints are all Polycom VVX 300s and 400s. There are a lot of BLFs setup, 99 being monitored to be exact, not sure if that’d cause something like what I’m seeing?