Problems with Aastra 6739i and Commercial Endpoint Manager

We are having problems with Aastra 6739i configured with the Commercial Endpoint Manager version When you press the services button, it shows file not found at the top. I have also noticed on the swtichboard that it does the same thing if you have one of the softkeys setup as call forward. Any ideas of what may be wrong. Running Freepbx 4.211.64-10 and asterisk I have also noticed that when when a 6735i boots up, before it registers it shows file not found.

Sounds like your are trying to use XMP apps without having the Rest Apps module licensed.

Tony, I do not have the Rest Apps module installed and not trying to use xmp apps that I know of.

After further investigation when looking at the web interface on two different 6739i’s one that the services button works and one where it does not, the one that does not work under the softkeys and xml settings the xml application uri and xml application title is configured. The 6739i that the services button works, is not configured. I have looked in the endpoint manager and cannot find where this is set so I can remove this setting. Where would I find this?