Problems with 3:d party module Custom Context after upgrade to 2.7.0 beta1


After upgrading to 2.7.0 beta1 i cant get Custom Contexts to stick in my extentions. What happends is that i select a context from the pulldown menu under Device options (under extentions). After pressing save the pulldown menu reverts back to blank and because of that it will not be saved.

Im running Custom Contexts v0.3.4 on Freepbx 2.7.0 beta1 in Trixbox v2.6.2.3
installation. (It worked until i upgraded Freepbx to 2.7.0 beta from earlier 2.6)

Is there anyone else with the same problem or is it just my installation that dont work?


Mine has always worked like that but it does change the context. When you save, the context you selected is written to the extension record. To verify, pull the extension back up and you’ll see that custom context has been written and saved.

A word of caution with 2.7 beta: I found that when I updated core and fax, I had to delete the custom-contexts and re-enter them before outbund routing and outbound CID worked correctly. There seems to be some negative interaction between the module and the new release of FreePBX.


do we need to take the custom context module out of the extended repository?

Our intention for the extended repository is to put modules that are generally desired by the community, working reasonably well, and being supported to the extent that such support is needed. That, and where the core team is not willing/able to bring them into ‘officially supported’ status.

The last support on that module was done by me but only because naftali3 had piped up in the forum with a fix to the outstanding issue at the time. He has not been active supporting it for some time.

I’m sure if the ‘community’ of users of this module wanted to come up with a bounty to have a developer bring it up-to-date (such as the issue you just mentioned that has not worked for some time), we could find one of the developers to do the work.

If that is of interest to you guys (custom context users) let me suggest one of you take the helm and start up a new thread indicating what is needed to be fixed and see if you could organize a bounty. If you need help assessing what a likely fair amount is for the work, I’d be glad to provide some guidance once the issues are understood - just contact me privately whom ever decides to take control on this. I’ll also be glad to make arrangements for a place for the bounty to be collected since, given the general track record of bounties paid upon completion, I would not advise a developer to start the work until the $ are collected…

I make heavy use of custom contexts in my dialplans and in testing my existing configuration I have found the only impact so far to be that the outbound callerid was no longer being correctly set to the extension settings. I found that this was due to the fact that the call to macro-user-callerid was removed from the individual outbound routes and included in the outbound-allroutes context which is not allowed in my custom contexts. I am not a programmer so my short term workaround was to add a call to the “user-callerid” macro in each custom context’s “custom” context in the extension_custom.conf file. If someone would run with this I would be interested in contributing to this modules modernization.

that makes sense. Since custom-context organizes it’s own groups of ‘outbound-allroutes’ for each set created, that will have to be modified to create a similar dialplan to the changes made in 2.7. That should be added to the list in Kenn’s thread.