Problems to make calls after hanging

lately I’m detecting problems when trying to make a phone call immediately after i hangup another call.
Basically if I try to callnot hear anything but the other side respond
At that point I have to attack and try again to make the call.

I user FreePBX to configure the phones, maybe I can send you some configuration to check if there are errors?
Or it could be due to something else?

The switchboard is installed on a cloud server remotely, maybe this can 'be important information

Do you know what could be the problem?
Thank you and good week end

someone can help me?
thank you

It sounds like your machines are working all right most of the time.

This sounds a little like a NAT problem, but if it was NAT, you’d be seeing a lot more problems across more of your phones.

Some phones require more time to “reset” than others. Anything less than a second can be considered a “flash”, as in a flash hook press, so what you may be hearing is a broken “three way call”.

Get the phone to do the behavior, check your /var/log/asterisk/full logs and post the couple of seconds around the event.