Problems setting up trunk

My local sip trunk provider has given me information to connect my pbx to their sip trunk. I am wondering what goes where and will this even work for freepbx.

They gave me an Private IP range and I am supposed to connect my pbx straight to their switch in our phone room.

So I figure I need two Ethernet adapters. One on my internal network and one on the network of the provider. Not sure why they just cant make this simple.

Sip Server (customer domain/realm)
Outbound proxy

Ip to be used to the system is contact IP address:

Does anyone have experience setting up this type of trunk? Is it even possible? I know they have a METASWITCH on the other side. What goes where and how do I pull this off?


In this instance I would suggest using support. A dual homed configuration and a trusted peer trunk is complicated.

I know I have to designate my one nic card as my external route and the other as my internal route. How would I go about doing this?

It all depends on the operating system your are running FreePBX on.

Asterisk is a “Back-to-Back-User-Agent”, if Asterisk can see and is “bound” to both networks, and you don’t try to do anything clever, then there should not be a problem, don’t try to route the voip traffic beyond how you have set up your trunks and users