Problems installing Distro 1.817.210.62-x86_64 and i386

I am trying to install Distro 1.817.210.62 and having many problems.

  1. Installer never asks for a host name so when it does install the name of the system is localhost.

  2. x86_64 version complains of missing dependencies of

asterisk18-core- requires
asterisk18-core- requires

Has anyone installed either the 32 or 64 bit Distro 1.817.210.62?

Paste the version of the 64 bit you are using becuase that issue was fixed days ago.

As far as hostname. Not sure that is a anaconda thing nothing we do with it. Are you picking static or DHCP as I always do my installs with DHCP so it does not prompt for a hostname.

Hmmm, a DHCP assigned IP for a voip server? I would not recommend that personally.

(Actually I don’t think I would recommend a DHCP assigned IP for any server, If you know where you want a server to be, you should save some later unnnecessary steps and assign the host and network as you install it, no?. Prior knowledge of your network design is king)


In tony’s defense he did say he does his installs using DHCP so it is entirely possible that after the install is done he configures the IP and host name statically. I am not sure if this is what is done but is can be done.


I was referring to when I test each build. They go into our PXE server and install on a test box so PXE by default uses DHCP to work. Production systems should always be static IPs but I know some people use DHCP with reservations.

At install time does it prompt you for the hostname?

Interesting Anaconda is not prompting for a hostname like it did in Centos 5.x. Not sure whats up with that but I will add it to the ever growing queue of things to look at in the future.


Thanks for looking into this.

It never did prompt me for a hostname.

The 64 bit install is also failing on the hardware I am trying to install it on. I am going to try a 32 bit install.

Nope if you pick static it does not and I have had no extra time to look into this yet. Not even sure what is causing it but its something in Centos 6.2 that is different from previous versions.

FYI on both stable 6.2 distros (the asterisk 8 and 10 distros) 64bit, if you configure static IP during setup it reverts back to DHCP after the first reboot. If you go into the GUI using the DHCP assigned address and look at the network config, it does show the static IP that you assigned during the setup. However DHCP is turned on, so it disregards those settings. Turning DHCP off and saving reverts it back to the static IP assigned during setup.

Minor inconvenience, but I thought you’d like to know.

I just downloaded a new copy of Stable-1.818.210.62 64 bit Release Date 11/10/12 and did an install. The install completes but I am still not prompted for a hostname during the install.


I will make note of this. I need to get an install going for some other stuff so I will poke at it in that process…