Problems after updating modules

Hello everyone!

I just decided to update all the modules that it suggested in the WebGUI. Updated the modules, then applied the config. Decided to restart the pbx to make sure it loads correctly after the update.

The CLI loaded and I was able to log in as root.
However the web gui would not load and the phones would not register. So i rebooted again to make sure it is not the firewall issue. Still not loading the gui and phones won’t register.
Then for some reason after running amportal restart it fixed the issue. And even after another reboot it was loading fine.

I wanted to ask what do you guys think it could be? I just want to make sure FreePBX is reliable enough to offer to our customers and errors after a simple module update are not be acceptable.

Also what are some basic and essential steps of troubleshooting FreePBX when an issue like this occurred? Especially when you don’t have the gui access.

What helps in situations like these is being descriptive as possible.

Did you try to run asterisk -rvvvv. The web server is actually run by apache. Was it running? What were the errors specifically.

Unfortunately what you’ve provided is extremely generic so it’ll be hard to narrow anything down.