Problem with zulu


I just started having this problem, I think after recent module update, a report of invalid websocket transport for Zulu.

I don’t understand as I don’t use either Zulu or pjsip.

I have read similar posts but was unable to resolve in my case.

can someone help please?

As a non Zulu user, you can just uninstall the module. To install, follow instructions here:

Hi Lorne,

thanks but I get following when I try to remove or uninstall:

Errors with selection:
**Zulu cannot be removed because the following modules depend on it: **
Please disable those modules first then try again.
No actions to perform
Please select at least one action to perform by clicking on the module, and selecting an action on the “Action” tab.
I cannot find the above module.

CRM = Customer Relationship Manager

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Thank you Lorne.

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I’m having the same issue: “Invalid Websocket Transport for Zulu” message in the dashboard. I updated the module successfully, I’ve also tried both disabling and uninstalling via the command line and the error message persists.

The only thing that appeared different to me in the instructions above was the output of:

asterisk -x “pjsip show transports”

which gave:

Transport:  <TransportId........>  <Type>  <cos>  <tos>  <BindAddress....................>

Transport:               udp      3     96

What can I try next?

You must enable the ws/wss transports then restart asterisk:

Thank you. I’d missed this message from one of the install steps:

“PJSIP Transports for WS and WSS must be enabled in Asterisk SIP Settings under the Chan PJSIP Settings tab. Then restart Asterisk”

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