Problem with Voice path connection after SIP Outbound call


We have installed FreePBX version We are still learning about the software but have struck a problem which I am sure is easy to fix – but we cannot work out how.

We are using the X-Lite soft phone and Linksys IP Phone SPA921.

Currently inbound calls are working fine. When we attempt to make an outbound call via our SIP Service Provider ( we find that the call is connected to the called party but no voice path exists - to get a sound to happen we then have to put the call on hold and then take off hold - at this time both parties are connected and have a bi-directional voice.

Has anyone seen this before? Can you please comment on how you configured to get around this (or more how we have managed to configure our way into this problem?

Thanks for your comments.

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If a call is made to a conference bridge there is no problem, likewise extension to extension works fine.