Problem with video calls - low resolution

Asterisk Ver.
FreePBX ver 2.11

We have been using video for years, and it’s great. But we just ran into a big problem.
We have deployed high definition video phones (Cisco ex-60’s) all over, and they work perfectly with other systems. But when a high def endpoint calls my Asterisk server, the video is only 176x144! It’s a thumbnail that is scaled up to full screen. The video is unusable. Also, the Cisco says the channel is 58k, even though I have set 1024k in FreePBX as the limit.

The only oddity I can find in the log is this, I don’t know if it’s relevant.
WARNING[11786] chan_sip.c: Rejecting non-primary video stream: video 51286 RTP/AVP 96 97 98 34 31

The phone is trying to send 1920x1080 h264.
Any clues on where to start? I don’t even see any options for configuring video…
I know the phones are good, they call each other through another bridge and the quality is stunning.

Googling this turned up this one other person asking almost the exact same question link, and he got no help. He even had the same resolution that I’m getting.

I would start by upgrading your Asterisk version?

That’s only a suggestion though. If you’re uncomfortable upgrading versions, you could always deploy a test Asterisk 13/FreePBX 13 machine and do some tests against that.