Problem with User Manager in U/D mode, also with WebRTC phone

I have a phone system in user/device mode.

I created a new user under applications-> user

I created a device with the same number under applications-> devices and made the user above fixed to the device

Then I attempted to find the location to enable the WebRTC softphone and could not find the location to enable it. Can the view be updated to make that work?

Also, then I attempted to access the Admin-> Users portal without any success. When I attempt to access

The display is blank. Any help or insight would be much appreciated. Thanks in advanced.

I noticed in the module description, the following information exists:
If you have User and Device Mode enabled any extension you enable the WebRTC Phone a duplicate extension of 99XXXX will be created (where XXXX is the original extension number), when the user then views the web interface of the WebRTC phone they will be connected to device 99XXXX which will receive calls from the original extension
More info: Get help for WebRTC Phone

WebRTC phone does not work with User and Device mode. Sorry.

If display is blank it would be nice to see some debug.

amportal a dbug

I’ll see what I can do about enabling debug in apache.

Is it possible someone can update the module description, the screenshots, and possibly provide a roadmap for the WebRTC phone?

Or can I join the git(?) and make the modifications myself?

There is nothing you need to enable in apache. All you have to do is run what I said to run and then get it to blank page and copy the output here.

If you feel comfortable doing code submissions then yes you can join in on the fun. Please email [email protected] for more information.