Problem with two incoming fxo lines

hi, i have running a machine with freepbx gui and a openvox A800P card with two fxo lines. i have the system installed and running. i have two ptsn lines and i want to have one external number with two incoming channel,For example once the line is busy(occupied) the call derives(jump) to the following one.

thanks for all and sorry for my bad english

So, you would need call forward on busy set up on that first line. That you would do with your phone company. It is external from your Asterisk install.

thanks at first , it not possible to do with asterisk? we have a panasonic switchboard that i think it is capable to do this…

In the US it is commonly called a incoming hunt group. It is where by the phone company when it attempts to transfer a call to a number and find it busy transfers it to the next number in the group. This is all done before the call ever comes into the system. so please contact your telco provider and talk to them about it.

thanks, the lines are in spain and i not sure of that but i talk with telco company if i havent any other option, but i think that it need this funcionality because if analog switchboard can do it why not asterisk?

Asterisk can only route things if it can pick up or detect what’s happening on the lines. In this case, if line 1 is busy, there’s no way for your box to do anything with another call coming in on the same line since it’s already in use. As others here posted, your telco can do this through a hunt group or a busy-call-forward. Keep in mind, a third call to the group will still have nowhere to go, so that caller would just hear a busy tone unless your telco also offers a voicemail option.

thanks a lot, i talk with telco provider as soon as possible, the two lines is for testing, for the functional equipment i use 8 fxo that i think is more that my company need