Problem with Trixbox behind NAT

Hello everybody,

I am new with Trixbox and I am having some problems when configuring it behind a NAT. I have two questions regarding the parameters that it is necessary to use.

Firstly do I need to use externaddr or externip to let Trixbox know the public address?

The other question is if I need to use canreinvite=no or directmedia=off? And is this paramater used in the file sip_general_custom.conf?

Thank you very much in advance!


Before you get too involved with Trixbox, you need to know that Trixbox is a dead project, uses obselete versions of FreePBX and asterisk. There is no readily available support for it. Suggest you use the latest version of the FreePBX distro or PBX in a Flash distro. These are, imho, the best distros out there.