Problem with time Conditions

Hi everyone, I’m new to FreePBX but i’ve watched tutorials and i’ve been able to set everything I want except for one thing. Time Conditions. I’ve create a time group with our Business hours (9am - 6pm Monday-Friday) and a Time Condition that if it matches, it goes to a ring group, If not, it goes to the IVR.
My inbound route is setup to the time conditions. The problem i’m having is that all the calls go to the IVR and never to the ring group when this is activated Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Time is probably not set correct, go to Admin > System Admin > Time Zone. Make sure the timezone is set correctly. (Not UTC / UTC)

If it still fails, please post a call trace

Hi, after posting I did some testing with a friend and I changed my hours to be open from 00:00 to 23:59 and then I called and the call went through to my ring group without a problem. I then changed back to my regular scheduled hours and re-applied the configuration and it worked. I appreciate the help.

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