Problem with the recording monitor service

Somehow on Dec 17, my FreePBX/PBXinaflash system stopped recording calls for those extensions which have the Recording Options of incoming and outgoing both set to always. Everything else is still running fine on my system. There is plenty of disk space where they used to record to (/var/spool/asterisk/monitor). I just don’t know if there was a configuration that got changed somewhere or if there is a process that died. help please.

Here is the situation, current linux file system has a certai limits for how many files can be held in one directory, I believe 32K max, look for ext3 file system limitations on Google.
I have a customer with silar issue, they Have about 20 ext which each are recorded, their collecting average 10000 records per month, well, here what happens, when file count are starting to go over 30K, wonderful things starts happen, calls to extensions gettting dropped, you can’t leave a VM to neither one of ext, or you leave message, but it never get’s recorded.
Your simple work-around is constantly remove old files from /var/spool/asterisk/monitor directory, so, they never will go there over 30K, or, get a programer to customize process, with extra mysql db adjustment,
so you can search your recordings in archived directories, if that is sort of important for you.
My own opinion, this never has been taken in consideration by FreePBX crew, that such kind issue can occur. Well, Asterisk and FreePBX are great IP telephony platform, but this issue should be seriously taken and adjusted accordingly.