Problem with redirecting inbound traffic to mobile

Hello, It is my first post here, but I can't find anywhere answer on my problem. The system is FreePBX 2.4.0 running on CentOS 5.5. We are using sip, IAX2 and ZAP trunks. We want to transfer inbound calls coming from sip trunk to mobile, but only when calling a specific number (we have a range of 1000 ext. - 080111xxx). I defined an inbound route that match one of the sip numbers from the range -080111555, the destination is predefined ring group [100]. In the RG[100] I set my mobile "003xxxxxxxxx#". There are two problems: 1. When dial directly 100 from some of the internal extensions it is fine, but only if "Confirm Calls" checkbox in Ring Group[100] is checked. Otherwise there is no audio. 2. When dial 080111555 outside, it doesn't forward the call to mobile. I heard the announcement that I set for "if no answer" in the RG[100] after the ring time (20sec) expired.

Thanks in advance

please, close the issue

Close the issue? This is community support.

Please share with the community your solution so another member can benefit.

I tried so many different settings, but all of them without success. We have also an IN platform, so the FreePBX is customized. At the beginning I thought it is a context problem, but every time I received “Forbidden” in the debug. Finally we tested it with a different sip trunk and everything works like a charm. I am not quite sure, but the “problematic” trunk has a very strict settings, so I suppose this is the reason not to allows me to do the call transfer.