Problem with pstn line transfered to did

Hi folks !!

Here is my problem, I have a customer (was with Bell) who moved from St-Jerome to Blainville, this is too far to keep the same number so they called Bell and ask to get a new phone number in blainville and to keep the old St-Jerome number and forward it to the Blainville new one. On my side I setup a new IP system (freePBX + SPA3102 and the 3102 is for outgoing only). I also forwarded the blainville number to a did.

But here is my issue : Now when people call St-Jerome number it goes like this :

St-Jerome PSTN Number —> Blainville PSTN number —> Blainville DID number —> SPA3102 —> PBX

ALL IS OK BUT … The first call go thrue… The second call also… BUT the third call get busy tone.

I assume that PSTN allow 2 channel only…

FINALLY my question is : Is there a way to, when a call come in the PBX, keep the call but drop the PSTN line so I can free up the PSTN channel ?

WOW that was hard to explain since Im french… Hope the question is enought clear to be understood !!!

Thanks a million to anyone who even read this to the end…


No, not possible.

Any other point of view ?

I respect everyone’s opinion but I would like to have (if possible) a little more information on that ?

No is an answer but wont help me at all…

Check with the PSTN to see if they will allow more call paths from St-Jerome to Blainville.

But you still can’t drop the PSTN line because the call will terminate.